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    Retired employees of NCUA can continue their membership with NTEU Chapter 303.  If you were a member and wish to continue supporting our cause, please complete the following form (RETIRED) and mail or email to NTEU Chapter 303 President.  

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    • To all NCUA Bargaining Unit Employees,

      We are aware that false information has been circulated indicating that NTEU prevented the issuance of administrative leave during the recent disasters resulting from Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma.  This is incorrect.  The Collective Bargaining Agreement between NCUA and NTEU, as well as OPM guidance, gives management great latitude to grant administrative leave for personal emergencies resulting from weather related emergencies and the aftermath.  We are disheartened to hear that NCUA did not grant impacted employees all of the administrative leave they are permitted and forced them to jump through unnecessary hoops for a limited amount of leave.  NTEU plans to attempt to address this concern with NCUA management and in the upcoming CBA reopener.

      Heather Hammes

      NTEU Chapter 303 President

      Summer Recruitment Campaign

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      See how NTEU is working for you!!  Please click on the the links below.

      Federal Pay and Benefits

      NTEU for You!

      NTEU Working to Save Your Pension!

      Join the majority of NCUA employees.  Over 52% of the Bargaining Unit employees are dues paying members in support of the union.  Please contact an official under the Officer/Staff section of this website if you want more information about joining.  Or ... just click on JOIN CHAPTER 303 on the menu bar for a membership form.

      Upcoming Initiatives to Negotiate

      CBA NCUA/NTEU -  We will start neotiations on a number of articles NCUA and NTEU agreed to re-open at the midterm of the current CBA.  The first session is scheduled for the week of September 25th.  Looks for more information over the next few months as we negotiated on your behalf.

      Secure USB Refresh – NCUA/NTEU successfully negotiated an agreement to replace the USB drive that are outdated These new USB drives provide the latest technology for employees to perform their job functions. 

      Rental Cars – Will need to address this when/if we reopen several CBA Articles in September 2017.  NCUA wants to continue the practice of sharing rental vehicles.  NTEU believes there are many obvious reasons this practice needs to be changed.


      NTEU Sues OPM for Constitutional Violation Stemming From Massive Data Breaches

      The national union for NTEU Chapter 303 is suing OPM on behalf of NTEU dues paying members. If successful, we could win lifetime credit monitoring and identity theft projection.    Only dues paying members at the time of settlement are eligible.  Now is the time to consider joining NTEU Chapter 303 or you could possibly be without the valuable protection that could affect your financial future.

      NTEU is watching these bills that could affect

      FIRREA Agency Employees

      NTEU Supported

      • H.R. 757 and S.255 provides a 3.20% raise for GS employees for 2018.  While this does not impact NCUA we believe this proposed legislation helps other’s within the Federal Government.
      • H.R. 785 seeks to roll back higher employee retirement contributions for federal workers hired since 2013.
      • H.R. 2175 would lower overall prescription drug costs and premiums in the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program.
      • H.R. 532 would give federal employees six weeks of paid parental leave.

      NTEU Opposed

      • Financial CHOICE Act could impact NCUA with additional congressional oversight of NCUA.  While we do support credit union friendly measures like repeal of the Durbin amendment.  Action needed!!http://action.nteu.org/app/onestep-write-a-letter?9&engagementId=342153 
      • H.R. 1137 would cut certain federal salaries immediately by 8.7 percent and limit future pay raises.
      • H.R. 1230 would lower federal pensions.
      • H.R.  417 would slash the federal workforce by 10 percent over two years.
      • H.R. 4461 would prevent federal employees from voluntarily deducting dues.
      • H.R. 1364 would limit certain union official’s benefits who utilize official time to serve bargaining unit employees.  

      The NTEU Legislation Department is closely monitoring these bills and is sharing with members of Congress what the impacts could be on our members.  The Committee Chairman has expressed a strong commitment to bringing forward legislation to weaken consumer and depositor protections and to make changes in law requested by the banks and investment houses.  Such legislation, which might be an amalgamation of some of the bills considered yesterday, certainly could also be a vehicle for making changes detrimental to FIRREA employees.  Be assured we will take action to oppose any measures that negatively affect NTEU members. Use this link to contact your members of Congress.  https://capwiz.com/nteu/home/  Please don't use your NCUA email address when contacting your member of Congress.

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